Mormonism and the Movies

LDS Theology, Culture, and History in Dialogue with Film


"Mormonism at the Movies" is an upcoming nonfiction book I've putting together with over a dozen collaborators.  Writing is complete; we are in the process of copyediting, typesetting, and proofreading it--and we aim to publish it in Spring 2018. It is a series of essays exploring the ways in which LDS theology, culture, and history interact with film.  We explore various intriguing topics on which Mormonism seems to be in [either convergent or divergent] dialogue with thematic ideas in the world of film.

Some topics include:  a theological reading of Groundhog Day; developing Christlike empathy through performance; apotheosis and science fiction; Mormonism's cultural attitudes about war & violence in media; how Kiki's Delivery Service can be read as a metaphor for faith crisis; how legalism and deception play into LDS ethics of spectatorship; depictions of the Biblical Creation throughout filmmaking history; and many more!

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